Hello my name is Vieri Berretti and I'm running to be your Ward 10 representative on Edmonton City Council. 


Over the last 4 years the voice of Ward 10 residents have either not been heard or been ignored. Issues like densification and urban sprawl, lot splitting and surplus school sights have a huge impact on the lives of the constituents of Ward 10. As the Ward 10 councillor I will fight to make sure everyone's voice is heard and that those voices aren’t limited by partisan politics, closed-door deals and the misuse of political capital that is pitting neighbours against neighbours.


The city’s current cookie cutter approach to these issues needs to be re-evaluated and real meaningful two way public consultation has to become the foundation of a well thought out, open, transparent, inclusive democratic plan. A plan for growth that reflects the rights and needs of the constituents of Ward 10 and all the citizens of Edmonton, including but not limited to, what is the single biggest investment most families possess…their homes.


I will fight for the voices of the constituents of Ward 10 to be heard at city hall while focusing on making Edmonton’s growth a priority. Growth that doesn’t lose sight of the value of a community-centred lifestyle, a lifestyle that makes Edmonton a great city in which to live, work and raise a family.


I believe that the growth needs of Edmonton can be met while meeting the needs of its constituents, neighbourhoods and communities. It's not about constituents against city hall or the ends justifying the means but for me it is about all of us coming together to make Edmonton the best city is can be!